Wednesday, 30 August 2017

I am back to blogging in September, I have had a lot on at home and Had a busy summer, we are now back into a routine, currently doing a few posts at the moment to get started again.

See you soon 🙂

Monday, 14 August 2017

Back to school haul

Just a few days left until Jordan starts back school as we live in Scotland. I thought I would do a back to school haul, I've been very organised this year with Jordan going into primary 2, I now know everything he needs unlike last year being a newbie at school I was learning what I had to buy him, where to go  and was cheaper or expensive things to better to buy ? This year I shopped mostly at Asda, I bought everything I needed at Asda that they sold for Jordan's uniform and the rest i shopped around for. Last year I bought a few items from Asda and they lasted Jordan through the whole school year as well as some items from Tesco which lasted him the whole year too which is fab as they are so inexpensive. Jordan's uniform is navy, yellow and white, I shopped online as it's hard to find navy clothing in store. I won't list prices of the items in case they have changed but I will link everything below.


Navy Parker jacket, which will be great for autumn and winter. I have yet to find a lighter jacket for the warmer days.

Navy slim leg trousers are great for Jordan who is tall and slim for his age. They lasted the whole school year and no more towards the end they started fading at the knees i can't really complain about that as they had lasted so well..

I bought navy school shorts from next I couldn't find them anywhere else in navy. Jordan had them last year too. I love seeing him with them on with knee high socks he looks really smart. 

Basic navy gym shorts for when Jordan has p.e.

Basic white short and long sleeved shirts. Jordan had those last year and they lasted very well and were still nice and white at the end of the year. I would have kept them for this year but he was growing out of them. 

Basic yellow polo shirts. Jordan had those last year, they lasted around half of the year before you could see them starting to discolour but they still did him the rest of the year which is why I bought him them this year again.

Navy tank top, I loved Jordan in this last with his shorts he looked so cute!   

Another repurchase for this year, these jumpers lasted Jordan the whole school year, the colour did not fade and were still great condition at the end of the year.  

Last year I bought Jordan the school jumper with his school logo but this year the next size up is too big for him so we couldn't get it for this year. I got a 2 pack of plain navy jumpers to wear with his polo shirts during the days he has p.e.

Last year Jordan went through 3 pairs of shoes, first pair from Tesco which lasted him for 2 weeks, then I got him kickers and they lasted around around 4 months but I had to keep using polish for them and then i did some research and bought clarks anti scrape shoes which were still in good condition at the end of the school year so I decided to buy them again this year and hopefully they will do the whole year fingers crossed! 

I bought some black plimsolls for gym from Sainsbury's, I can't find the link for them but you can get them cheap anywhere. 

Can you tell Jordan loves gaming? This year he choose a minecraft backpack and a controller pencil case. I will do a separate post on these and show you what will be inside on his first day back at school.

Look out for what's in Jordan's school bag and nametags for Jordan's uniform to review. 

Monday, 17 July 2017

What Jordan eats in a day #2

One of my favourite blog posts and YouTube videos are what my child eats in a day, I love finding new ideas on what to make Jordan for meal times,  as I find I make the same things a lot. I like to try and change things up a bit. Jordan does eat well but when it comes to fruit and vegetables he can be quite fussy, there a few he likes and he will eat no bother and quite a few he doesn't like but I encourage him to try again another day and try new things sometimes he will do it easily and other days it will be a crying match. I thought I would share what he ate yesterday, maybe give you some meal ideas for your child.

Breakfast :

Most days will be cereal, fruit, raisins and a yoghurt for Jordan's breakfast, I find it quicker during school days, when we have time I tend to make him a hot breakfast. Yesterday I let him pick and he choose cereal, his favourite ones are cherrio oat crisp, yoghurt, raisins and some water to drink.

Snack :

As we usually have breakfast pretty early in the morning, he can be hungry again an hour or 2 before lunch, we didn't any have any fruit left that he liked so we opted for some crackers and ham, he likes to make his own cracker sandwiches to tide him over to lunch.

Lunch :

This is a new lunch me and my mum made a couple of days ago and we loved it, we had it again yesterday and I decided to make some for Jordan too try and he choose what he could have on his, I just toasted his bread lightly and then I put on some tomato purée, ham and cheese then popped them in the oven for around 5 mins and they are like pizzas next time I will add some of Jordan's favourite veg, It has now become a new favourite for Jordan as well so that's great another new thing to make him I also popped some crisps on the side of his plate to eat after it.

Snack :

We went to the park and he took a little snack with him, a yoyo bear, he loves these and they are much healthier than chocolate and sweets.

Dinner :

I know it's probably not the best dinner but it was just something quick and simple today as I ended up choosing to have a spicy meal, Jordan doesn't like spicy food, I'm sure we all get days like this. I saw this idea with the spaghetti and hotdogs on Pinterest, I thought it would be fun for Jordan to help with, it went down a treat. I added some sweet corn and chopped tomatoes for his vegetables and for more flavour, this looks like a big portion but he ate it all, if you know Jordan he can eat you out the house at times ! I like to make sure he is full enough, he didn't have anything else to eat after this. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps you with some meal ideas, I think I'm going to start doing this weekly now.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

House adaptions

Dwarfism can come with many challenges, reaching things on high Shelfs in shops, sinks to wash my hands in public toilets, Your kitchen could be a struggle for me with high work tops and sinks. In my house ( I live with my mum) our kitchen has been adapted to a level to suit us, before this we would have to use stools to get around our kitchen which was very unsafe when cooking and holding hot food and drinks.

Our occupational therapist came across the idea of having our kitchen adapted to suit us when I was around 11 years old and they organised to have this done for us.  Its been a total life changer, we would never go back to a standard kitchen, we have more independence in our kitchen and it is safe for us without the fear of falling over. We have moved house a couple of times since and we have had the same done each time. The kitchen we have just now was transferred from our old house. I have a lot of friends with dwarfism, not all them have had there kitchen adapted, some have said they would like to have it done in there kitchen and some have disagreed and said it would make them feel less independent as they want to live there life as normal as possible and not let anything get in there way. I'm all for that but having an adapted kitchen makes my life feel normal and street free as I'm not having to use stools. I guess we all have our own opinions. Jordan loves our kitchen too he can be independent, he loves helping making his food and tidying up the kitchen ( he won't be asking to help for much longer lol) Jordan will son be taller and the work tops will really low for him, at the other end of the kitchen there are higher work tops which have our washing machine and tumble dryer, I haven't shown this as you as there are windows and you  can see outside our house, when I have my own house I will be making sure there is a worktop high enough for Jordan to use when he grows up. 


I thought Id blog about something a little bit different, I don't plan to make a lot of posts about dwarfism on my blog, I don't want to make it all about my condition,  I will post about it occasionally, if you have any questions feel free to message me below or on my social media

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Thank you x

Monday, 3 July 2017

Playmags tile set

Jordan was kindly sent a box of the award winning playmags magnetic tiles to review, Jordan loves anything to do with building and magnets, so he was very happy to review them. 

playmag tiles are different coloured magnetic shapes, which you can build various items and 3D shapes. They are very easy to hold and use with little hands. They are a great way for learning colours, shapes, 2D and 3D. They are very well made, they seem like they will last Jordan for many years. 

Your child can let their imagination run wild with the tiles, build castles, houses, tunnels etc. Jordan loves building houses for his figures to live in. We have had them for a little over 2 weeks and he has been playing with them ever since, We were sent a box with 32+6 pieces, which is great as a starter set or to even add to your collection. You can also buy larger sets online to add to your collection. Jordan has asked if he can add them to his Christmas list this year for Santa so he can build bigger towers and houses for his figures.



I love educational toys and as Jordan's is getting older I'm finding it harder to get him to play with them, I am very happy that we have found something that he likes and I can sneakily through in some learning without him realising by asking him about the shapes and colours etc.

You can find playmags tile sets on and

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Jordan's outfit of the day #2

I thought I would do a little outfit of the day, since the summer holidays have now started in Scotland where we live, I thought I will do this regularly through out the summer, maybe I can do a look book one week.

It was Jordan's last day of school on Tuesday, it was non uniform day. I can't believe he's finished primary 1 already! this is one of my favourite outfits on him. it's look smart and you would never think it was from Primark.

Pictured below, you will Jordan wearing a navy and burgundy long sleeved rugby style shirt, I picked this up a few months ago on sale for £3! It's so easy to chuck on with a pair of jeans and you have a stylish outfit like the ones he has on below which have ripped style patches on them, they are not real rips, I got these for £8 not on sale a few months ago, he has had both of these on alot and they have washed up great, I know some things from primark don't wash up that good and tend to shrink especially some of there cheaper items. I choose his navy boots as they go great with this outfit and really set it off, it also makes a change from his trainers. I paid £5 for them during a sale a while ago in primark, they are usually £10. I grabbed a bargain last week and got him them in the next size up for £3, I think I buy him them every year. Last of all his navy bomber jacket, this goes great with a lot of his putfits easy to chuck on to complete an outfit, I bought this a few months ago for £10, again this has been worn lots and has washed up great. I tend to find that I need to go up a size than what he normally is when I buy clothes for Jordan from Primark. I'm not sure if you can still buy any of those items in stores. 


I hope you enjoyed this little post, the next outfit of the day will have more recent items which you can still buy in store just now. See you again soon for outfit #3 

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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Anisnap panda watch

Jordan was kindly sent an anisnap watch from aniworld to review, he is currently learning the time at school. I thought hes now at that age to start learning the time at home too as  he his is now 6 years old, this watch will help him with that.

Aniworld kindly let Jordan choose what watch he would like from a whole range of different designs, Jordan choose the panda watch. It arrived In the post quickly, it came in minimal packaging, the watch was easy to remove from the packaging no fuss needed. The instruction was simple and easy to follow, within 2 minutes the watch was set up and ready for Jordan to wear.

The design of the watch is a rubber wrist snap and also rubber squishy panda casing, the watch fits inside the panda which can be removed to change the time and the battery if needed. You can also remove the strap from the watch, if you had more than 1 design you could change them around. I think the quality of the watch is great and will last him for years because it dosnt have buckles,  it won't become to small for him as the snap band adjusts to your wrist.

Jordan was so excited to wear his watch, he loves that it's a wrist snap watch and he can snap it on himself without any help and fuss with buckles, he feels a little more independent being able to put it on himself. So far he has mastered telling the time on the hour, still a long way to go but we will get there soon enough with the help of his new watch.

You will find the watches online on there website and on Amazon, they have so many designs to choose from, they also do clocks and lampshades which you will find online too. The watches are reasonable priced they vary between £10-£20.

Overall I think the watch definetly has a big thumbs up from Jordan and myself.